biomatrix theory:
a (w)holistic theory of system (re)design

why is biomatrix theory needed?

demands for the redesign of social systems increase

As the information age unfolds, society’s legacy economic, cultural and political systems seem to become unsustainable and problem riddled and demands by an increasingly dissatisfied populace to redesign them are growing.

Also, there do not seem to have solutions for our complex problems. For example, after a meeting on the finance crisis in 2009, the G 20 finance ministers admitted that “we know what brought about the finance crisis, but we do not know what to do about it”. In spite of this, a couple of trillion dollars was thrown at the problem in an attempt to solve it (besides some strategies that had been tried before).  Since then, another finance crisis is anticipated. If we replace the word finance crisis with poverty, unemployment, war, climate change, traffic jams, overburdened education and health care systems, racism or any other complex problem, the same holds true.

redesign requires a new way of thinking

Trying to solve those problems with more of the same type of strategies we have used before will not be successful. As Albert Einstein observed “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when creating them”.

The thinking that gave rise to our current systems and their problems is reductionism. It is associated with the current scientific method and is entrenched in all our institutions. The complementary worldview of reductionism is (w)holism (and its related approaches of systems thinking, complexity thinking and ecological thinking, amongst others).

To solve complex problems and create a more sustainable path of development, humanity’s leaders need to rethink and redesign our economic, cultural and political systems from a more (w)holistic perspective that considers the interests of all stakeholders. Biomatrix theory provides this perspective. (Learn more by watching the video “The state of the world and what is to be done”).

what is biomatrix theory?

it is a theory of system organization

Biomatrix theory explains how systems are organized and develop as coherent wholes, how they interact and co-produce each other and how systemic problems arise from this interaction. It gives rise to organizing principles that need to be adhered to in the (re)design of systems in order to ensure their sustainable development and avoid the emergence of systemic problems.

it is a (w)holistic meta-systems theory

Biomatrix theory integrates the key concepts of general systems and complexity theories with unique conceptual contributions into a coherent theory of system organization and design. It is therefore a meta-systems theory. Unlike other systems and complexity theories, it also defines different types of (w)holes and outlines how they are organized. It is therefore also a theory of (w)holism.

it gives rise to biomatrix methodology for ideal system (re)design

Biomatrix methodology applies Biomatrix theory to the (w)holistic redesign and transformation of social systems such as organizations, industries and public governance systems. It facilitates sustainable system design and complex problem solving.

The theory and methodology are taught in the Biomatrix design courses with the purpose of enabling leaders to facilitate more (w)holistic and sustainable change interventions in different types of social systems (organizations, industries, governments, etc.).

They are applied in the Biomatrix transformation programmes with the purpose of transforming the client system into a sustainable learning system.

The theory also gives rise to the online Biomatrix jamming method which facilitates stakeholder participation in problem analysis and brainstorming in preparation for the client system redesign.

A unique feature of biomatrix theory and methodology is its visual representation through a graphic alphabet. Each theoretical concept is depicted as a figure composed of the elements of the graphic alphabet. This aids comprehension and understanding.

learning about biomatrix theory and methodology

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